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Q&A about SurgSci Pet Ultrasound Scalpel | SurgSci


Latest company news about Q&A about SurgSci Pet Ultrasound Scalpel | SurgSci

1: Can the line connecting the jaw and the main body be used permanently without being replaced?

Yes, it can be used permanently.


2. How much can you generally use (number of times or period) when you purchase a Jaw once?

It mainly depends on the doctor’s technique and proficiency in using the ultrasonic scalpel. Doctors who are familiar with the ultrasonic scalpel can usually use it dozens or even hundreds of times, but for a doctor who is not familiar with the use of ultrasonic scalpel, it may be damaged after only one or two uses. The white gasket has a high breakage rate, which can be repaired.


3. Is it possible to autoclave sterilize the Jaw?

High temperatures may damage the internal parts of the jars and are generally not recommended. Immersion cleaning and plasma disinfection are mainly recommended.


4. If autoclave sterilization is impossible, how is sterilization generally performed?

The veterinary hospital cannot use the jaw once and throw it away.

Use immersion cleaning for disinfection. Soak the area in contact with the tissue, not the entire product.


5. Advantages and disadvantages of the product compared to Harmonic

Harmonic does not have a pet-specific machine, and its algorithm design is not for pet surgery. SurgSci pet ultrasonic scalpel is specially designed for pets. Its control algorithm is regulated by thousands of pet tissue cuts, which can bring more suitable results for pet tissue cutting and coagulation.

Harmonic does not have brand new pet application products, and they are all used products, with insufficient product stability and after-sales service guarantee. The main functions and performances of our products and Harmonic have been tested on animals, and there is no statistical difference in the experimental results.


6. The Harmonic generates heat of about 50 degrees. How hot is it?

According to our tests, the jaw temperature of the Harmonic is much higher than 50°C. For specific comparison data, please refer to the figures below. The imported brand refers to the product of Harmonic.



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