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Using Pet Ultrasonic Scalpel In Cat Spay And Neuter Surgery | Surgsci


Latest company news about Using Pet Ultrasonic Scalpel In Cat Spay And Neuter Surgery | Surgsci



Advantages of our pet ultrasonic scalpel:

There are 4 main advantages:

Small Wound-Quick Recovery

Sutureless-Infection Prevention

Short Operation Time-Low Risk of Anesthesia

Quick Cutting and Hemostasis-Less Bleeding


Surgsci Ultrasonic Scapel is becoming the market leader in pet sterilization surgery. The newly designed ultrasonic scalpel replaces traditional scalpel blades. It also contains the ability of hemostasis and coagulation while cutting pet tissue.


The working principle of Surgsci pet ultrasonic scalpel device:

After the tissue is energized by the cutter head, the protein hydrogen bonds are broken and solidified. This allows for simultaneous cutting and coagulation operations and vaporization of the tissue. Surgsci's ultrasonic scalpel is an excellent choice for modern surgical instruments!


Comparison of Traditional Surgery and Surgery with Surgsci Pet Ultrasonic Scalpel

For traditional surgery, the sterilization using traditional scalpel requires ligation with sutures. This results in long surgical times, high risk of anesthesia, large wounds, long recovery times and rejection. It makes pets prone to anxiety.

In most cases, sterilization with the Surgsci ultrasonic scalpel does not require sutures. There was no rejection and almost zero bleeding. The operation time is short, the pet's pain is reduced, and the risk of anesthesia is small. The postoperative recovery period is short and pet anxiety is reduced.


In conclusion, Surgsci pet ultrasonic scalpel has the following advantages compared to traditional pet surgery:


ž Short operation time

ž Low risk of anesthesia

ž Small wound, almost no bleeding

ž Short recovery time

ž Sutures are rarely required

ž Reduce anxiety


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