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When Do Rabbits Need To Be Neutered | SurgSci


Latest company news about When Do Rabbits Need To Be Neutered | SurgSci

When do rabbits need to be neutered or spayed? The optimal age for neutering and spaying is before or after sexual maturity of male or female rabbits. Depending on the species, the period is 4-6 months for small rabbits and up to 9 months for large rabbits. However, many veterinarians prefer to spay between six and twelve months of age. Spaying rabbits under 4 months is not recommended. This is because the size and location of the reproductive organs can make surgery more difficult. Before rabbits being neutered or spayed, they should be checked to make sure the pet is in good condition and fully prepared for the surgery.


Sterilization of female rabbits has certain risks. In addition to the anesthesia process and uterine intestinal adhesion during the operation, insufficient hemostasis of the sterilization wound is also one of the risks. Today we will share with you a video on female rabbit sterilization.


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