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12 Things You Need to Know about Cat Spay


Latest company news about 12 Things You Need to Know about Cat Spay

In this article, you'll learn what cat spaying is, why you should neuter your cat, the procedure steps, and what you need to know about it. Hope this information is helpful and wish you a healthy and happy kitten.


1. What is cat spay?

Cat spay is the removal of the female cat's uterus and ovaries.


2. What are the benefits of spaying a cat?

(1) Spaying can reduce estrus in cats.

(2) Disease prevention. Spaying can effectively prevent cats from developing uterine infections, uterine cancers, and breast cancer.

(3) Change the cat's personality. After a cat has been spaying, its temperament will become more docile.


3. Best age to spay a cat

Most international authorities believe that spaying should be done before sexual maturity (a female cat in heat means sexual maturity). Cat owners can wait until the female cat is 6 months old and take the female cat to the veterinary hospital for neutering.


4. When is surgery not suitable?

(1) When in heat: When a female cat is in heat, the blood vessels supplying the ovaries and uterus will become thicker, thereby increasing the risk of bleeding during surgery, so it is usually recommended to spay 1-2 weeks after estrus.

(2) sickness

(3) Just arrived in the new environment


5. What is the procedure for cat spay surgery?

(1) Fasting for 6-8 hours before surgery (recommended time varies by vet)

(2) Go to the veterinarian for preoperative examination

(3) Surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries

(4) Waiting for recovery from anesthesia, after being evaluated by the anesthesiologist, you can take the cat home and follow the vet’s advice for nursing.


6. What complications may occur after spaying?

(1) Common but minor complications, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, wound infection, granuloma formation, fat liquefaction, etc.

(2) For rare but serious complications, such as frequent vomiting, poor mental state, weakness, poor blood color, etc., please contact the vet in time when these problems occur.


7. How to take care of the cat after spay surgery?

Help the cat to wear a cat cone, and don't let it lick the wound, otherwise it will easily lead to wound infection.


8. Is the smaller the surgical incision the better?

Appropriate incisions are fine. Do not pursue small incisions too much. Excessive pursuit of small incisions may cause problems such as excessive traction and tissue residue during the operation.


9. Is minimally invasive surgery recommended?

Minimally invasive surgery has a smaller incision and is recommended.


10. Is it possible to cut the ovaries only or the cutthe uterus?

No, because the remaining uterus or ovaries are prone to lesions over time.


11. Why is the female cat still in heat after spaying?

It is normal for cats to be in heat when they are just spayed. However, if estrus persists for a long time after spaying, it is recommended to go to the vet for examination. Common reasons are as follows:


(1) Residual ovarian syndrome

Spaying is to remove the uterus and ovaries on both sides, but sometimes part of the ovarian tissue may be missed, or in rare cases, the cat has multiple ovaries.It causes the cat to return to estrus. If ovarian remnant syndrome is confirmed, surgical removal of the remaining ovarian tissue is usually required, and the prognosis is generally good, with few recurrences of estrus.

(2) Exposure to exogenous estrogen

(3) Increased secretion of sex hormones (caused by lesions of the reticular band of the adrenal cortex)

(4) Adrenal cortical carcinoma


12. Can medicine replace spay surgery?

It needs to be used for a long time, and it has great side effects, which is not worth the loss, so it is not recommended.


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