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4 Advantages Of Spaying Your Dog | Surgsci


Latest company news about 4 Advantages Of Spaying Your Dog | Surgsci

Now more and more people keep dogs, and with more dogs, there will be more things to do. One of them is neutering or spaying your own dog. When a female dog is spayed, her ovaries and uterus are completely removed. Some veterinarians choose only to remove the ovaries of the female dog during surgery.


Some people are hesitant about this and are unsure about having the procedure. In fact, considering the many benefits after surgery, it is still necessary. So, what are the benefits of spaying female dogs? Spaying a female dog has the following benefits:


1. Spaying helps preventing them from reproducing and creating unwanted dogs or puppies

If dogs are not sterilized, it will only lead to more dogs, and eventually the number of dogs abandoned will greatly increase. The increase in the number of stray dogs will increase the probability of infecting and carrying the severe infectious disease rabies, endangering the lives of warm-blooded mammals and humans.


2. Spaying prevent uterine infections and breast cancer

Sterilization of female dogs can effectively reduce the incidence of some common diseases. Including pyometra (high incidence in female dogs over 5 years old), pseudopregnancy, alopecia, breast tumors and other common diseases, and even reduce the recurrence rate of urethral stones.


3. Spaying helps increase life expectancy

Spaying can help female dogs live longer. Studies shows that on average dogs who are neutered or spayed live one and a half years longer than those who are not. Dogs without doing spay surgery can live to be about eight years old. However, spayed dogs can live nine and a half years or more.


4. Spaying helps eliminate the troubles an anxiety during estrus

After spaying, the dog will not be overly excited, manic and other temperament changes due to estrus, and will not have much interest in other dogs. This reduces the chances of your dog straying, getting lost, fighting, getting injured and getting sick.



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