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4 Good Reasons to Spay Your Rabbit | Surgsci


Latest company news about 4 Good Reasons to Spay Your Rabbit | Surgsci

Many of us may already know the benefits of spaying or neutering cats and dogs, but is it necessary to spay or neuter pet rabbits? It is very necessary and beneficial to spay or neuter your rabbit. Spaying or neutering can prolong the life of rabbits, reduce the risk of cancer, improve their problem behaviors, avoid breeding, and make group life safer for rabbits. Spaying or neutering rabbits is just as important as cats and dogs.


1. Increase Life Expectancy

Spaying or neutering your rabbit can significantly add to their life expectancy and benefits their general health and wellbeing. In particular, female rabbits, if not spayed, have an 80% chance of developing uterine cancer between the ages of 2 and 5. After rabbits are spayed or neutered, their overproduction of hormones can be balanced and the risk of uterine or ovarian cancer can be reduced to almost zero percent.


2. Improve Problem Behaviors

Changing problem behaviors such as urination, being short-tempered, destroying furniture, attacking other rabbits and growling, etc.,

In life, many rabbits die from gastrointestinal obstruction due to excessive eating of foreign objects such as paper, sawdust and wires. Because the mouth of the rabbit is very narrow, there is no way to spit out what has been eaten. Therefore, it stays in the stomach and intestines, causing enteritis and bloating. Illness starts with flatulence, eating less, and then not eating anything. Therefore, some clinic veterinarians who see rabbits stop eating completely will tell there is a high risk of death.


3. Avoid Overbreeding

The average age of sexual maturity of small and medium-sized female rabbits is 4-6 months, and the average life span is about 8 years. The longest has been ten years. When rabbits are sexually mature, as long as they continue to receive mating, humping, they can produce up to 14 baby rabbits with each litter and could have 12 litters a year. The reproductive capacity is incredible.


4. Provide Better Companionship

You can raise a few more rabbits. Rabbits are social species and prefer to live in groups. After spaying or neutering, the rabbits’ temperament will become gentle and more friendly. Female rabbits are less likely to bite, lunge at, and scratch other pets. they can be put together with other male or female rabbits. Even if the owner does not have time for them, they are not alone.


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