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7 Benefits of Neutering or Spaying Your Cats | Surgsci


Latest company news about 7 Benefits of Neutering or Spaying Your Cats | Surgsci
latest company news about 7 Benefits of Neutering or Spaying Your Cats | Surgsci  0


1. Reduce the Number of Stray Cats

Cats have a short estrus cycle and strong reproductive ability. If the cat is not neutered or spayed, you can imagine how many kittens will be born. If the owner can't afford it and doesn't help them find a good owner, these cats will become stray cats.

It is even estimated that a pair of cats can breed 200,000 offspring in 7 years! So in order to reduce the number of stray cats, please neuter or spay the cats.


2. Disease Prevention

The sterilization of male cats can prevent many congenital genetic diseases related to the reproductive system; for female cats, it can reduce physiological diseases such as mammary glands and ovaries.


3. Reduce Estrus in Cats

Female cats start making funny noise and is more vocal than normal when they are in heat. After spaying, the excessive yowling or mating calls during estrus will be reduced.


4. Reduce Aggressiveness

Neutered male cats will be less aggressive and will not pee everywhere to mark their territory, so you don't have to smell urine all the time in your house.


5. Change the Cat's Personality

Many neutered cats will become tamer and less aggressive and stop fighting with other pets or their owners.


6. Prevent Cats from Running Away

When the estrus period comes, the cat may run away from home, or even jump off the building and get injured. The cat's appetite will suddenly increase or decrease, and the quality of sleep will also deteriorate. These conditions will be improved after sterilization.


7. Prolong Life

Neutered and spayed pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives because they have fewer behavioral problems, and they are less prone to infections, degenerative diseases, and trauma/violent death. Studies have shown that spayed female cats lived 39% longer and neutered male cats lived 62% longer.


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