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Detailed Surgical Procedure for Cat Neuter Surgery | Surgsci


Latest company news about Detailed Surgical Procedure for Cat Neuter Surgery | Surgsci

Castration (ie neutering) of male cats is a procedure commonly performed by veterinarians. A simple description of male cat neutering is removal of the testicle from the scrotum and simultaneous ligation of the spermatic cord and testicular artery and vein.

Neutering can make male cats sterile and correct a range of undesirable behaviors caused by male hormones, such as urinating and howling.


Surgical Procedure:


1. Firstly inject sedation and anesthesia into the cat and wait for it to ‘fall asleep’, then insert a catheter into the mouth to allow the cat to inhale anesthesia through spontaneous breathing.


2. Clip and disinfect the scrotum and surrounding skin.

Cover the surgical area with a sterile cloth and prepare the surgical instruments (curved hemostats, sharp scissors, and tissue forceps), and the surgery can begin.


3. A small incision is made on the ventral side of the scrotum to expose the testicle. During the process, the veterinarian needs to hold the scrotum with the left hand to keep the skin that wraps the testicle taut and use the scalpel in the right hand to operate.


4. Remove the first testicle from the scrotum, ligate the spermatic cord and blood vessels, and remove the testicle.


5. Use absorbable thread for ligation. After ligation, observe whether there is bleeding, and put it back into the cat’s body after confirming that there is no problem. In the same way, remove the testicle on the other side.


6. Finally, check the wound, close the skin, apply iodine or iodine tincture for disinfection. Generally, the scrotum is not sutured, and it will slowly shrink in the end. However, for the large wound, it can be deal with accordingly, and may choose to use surgical glue or other methods.


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