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Disposable Ureteral Access Sheath | SurgSci


Latest company news about Disposable Ureteral Access Sheath | SurgSci

A disposable ureteral access sheath is used in urological surgery to assist endoscopes and other instruments in entering the urinary tract without the need for a surgical channel. This provides a continuous operating channel and protects the ureter from trauma during repeated instrument exchanges. It also protects precision instruments and soft mirrors from damage.


The product has several advantages, including reducing damage to the ureteral wall during instrument exchanges and protecting precision instruments such as ureteroscopes. The sheath has a thin wall and large cavity, making it easy to place and retrieve instruments, which can significantly reduce operation time. The sheath’s surface is coated with a hydrophilic material that becomes very slippery when in contact with urine saline. The body of the sheath is reinforced with stainless steel wire, providing good flexibility and resistance to bending and squeezing. Additionally, the use of this sheath can improve the success rate of ureteroscopy.

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