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How to Use a Bladed Laparoscopic Trocar | Surgsci

December 9, 2022

Latest company news about How to Use a Bladed Laparoscopic Trocar | Surgsci



In this video we'll show you how to use a 10mm single-use bladed trocar.


Surgsci is a professional laparoscopic instruments manufacturer and supplier in China. We have 4 sizes of bladed trocars, including 5/10/12mm diameter, length:75/100mm


Steps of Using Surgsci Bladed Laparoscopic Trocar:

  • Take obturator and cannula out of box, check if they are the same size
  • Press the lock button on obturator top, hold it and push obturator tip to see if the blade goes out and then bounces back to sheath;
  • Load obturator with cannula, hold trocar vertical to abdomen and puncture at incision (Do not rotate during puncturing to avoid damage on surround tissue)
  • Hold both buttons on obturator top and release obturator from cannula;
  • Connect gas supply tube to make pneumoperitoneum, then insert surgical instruments through cannula for operation;
  • Push the lock on cannula to separate cover for bringing out tissue/cleaning stuff during surgery (Not applicable to 5mm trocars);
  • Rotate cannula and pull it out from abdomen after surgery.

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