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'INT J BIOL MACROMOL'——SurgSci's First High-Level SCI Article Year 2023


Latest company news about 'INT J BIOL MACROMOL'——SurgSci's First High-Level SCI Article Year 2023

Recently, the biomedical materials R&D team of Shenzhen SurgSci Medical Ltd. made a research achievement titled "Hyaluronic acid and chitosan-based injectable and self-healing hydrogel with inherent antibacterial and antioxidant bioactivities" was published in the international SCI academic journal "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES" (Chinese Academy of Sciences SCI Journal Area 1, IF=8.025, TOP journal).


Based on natural biomacromolecules, quaternary ammonium chitosan (QCS), tannic acid (TA) and oxidant hyaluronic acid (OHA), a new product called QCS-l-TA-l-OHA was developed. The hydrogel dressing ("l" is "link"), whose research inspiration comes from natural substances such as quaternary ammonium chitosan (QCS), tannic acid (TA), oxidant hyaluronic acid (OHA) and their derivatives The antibacterial, antioxidative and wound healing functions of the substance have fully exerted the biological activity of the new intelligent multifunctional hydrogel, a natural substance and its derivatives, and has broad application prospects for the development of the biomedical field.


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In order to study the intrinsic antibacterial and antioxidant biological activities of the dressing, the team members designed the molecular structure of the QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel and used the hydrogel as a rat full-thickness skin incision model wound. The dressing is composed of QCS, OHA, TA and the cross-linked bonds of the polymer network to build a chemical structure. Under the action of dynamic imine bonds and multiple hydrogen bonds between the amino groups on QCS and the aldehyde groups on OHA, The PBS solution of OHA and QCS containing TA formula (TA + OHA) were respectively filled into a double-barreled syringe, and injected directly into the target wound at the same time, and it was concluded that the hydrogel can quickly gel in situ and seamlessly fill and fit The results of irregular wounds have further verified that hydrogel is beneficial to promote the rapid healing of various skin wounds and physiological wounds, and avoid patients from excessive use of antibiotics or antioxidants in a long treatment cycle, which is an urgent need for clinical wound management provided important support.


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In order to evaluate the in vivo gelation formation ability of QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel, the team members subcutaneously injected the precursor polymerization solution in the back of rats to realize in situ gelation, and the gelation could maintain enough completeness and strength. The healing-accelerating performance of QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel was evaluated through a full-thickness wound defect model, which proved that it has excellent antibacterial, antioxidative and wound healing abilities.


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QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel significantly promotes wound healing in rat skin full-thickness incision model

The SurgSci team further analyzed the therapeutic effect of the hydrogel on living skin wounds by H&E histological staining. The results showed that the TA added in the QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel has antibacterial and antioxidant effects, and is better for It is very important to improve skin wound healing, and the hydrogel has a significant therapeutic effect on granulation tissue thickening.

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QCS-l-TA-l-OHA has good results in the evaluation of skin tissue repair


QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel, as a novel biological substance, can be administered in vivo by endoscope or injected by injection needle in clinic, which can provide minimally invasive treatment and local specific wound care to some extent. The treatment has opened up a new way and brought new gospel to the biomedical community. In the future, QCS-l-TA-l-OHA hydrogel is expected to become a new type of biomaterial for wound healing.



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