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Luxating Patella in Dogs | Surgsci


Latest company news about Luxating Patella in Dogs | Surgsci

Luxating patella means the kneecap moves out of place when the knee bends. It is usually something dogs are born with. A luxating patella can go inside or outside the leg when it pops out of the groove in the thighbone. The kneecap should stay in a groove at the end of the femur. When a dog’s knee moves, the kneecap goes up and down in this groove. But sometimes the kneecap slips out (luxates) in some dogs. Most of the time, a luxating patella in dogs goes inside, or toward the other back leg.


Some dogs have this problem more often or worse than others. Dogs with a luxating patella may walk or run fine, then suddenly lift a back leg for a few steps. Dogs with a bad case may need pain medicine, joint help, or surgery. Sometimes a luxating patella can get better with exercise and medicine.


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