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The Advantages of Disposable Bladeless Laparoscopic Trocars


Latest company news about The Advantages of Disposable Bladeless Laparoscopic Trocars

A disposable bladeless laparoscopic trocar is a medical instrument used to puncture the abdominal wall tissue during laparoscopic examination and surgery to establish a working channel for abdominal surgery. It is designed to be used once and then disposed of.

The bladeless design of the trocar has several advantages. With a bladeless plastic tip, it is sharp enough to easily penetrate through the tissue, but minimizes the possible injury to the patient. The non-blade piercing cone head separates tissue instead of cutting it, enabling smooth insertion by reducing penetrating damage. This can reduce the incidence of puncture hole hernia after surgery.

Bladeless trocars also often have an optical feature, allowing for a wider visual scope and enabling the surgeon to control the whole process of abdominal wall puncture under the direct view of an endoscope. This can further reduce the risk of damaging abdominal tissue.

Overall, disposable bladeless laparoscopic trocars offer a safe and effective solution for establishing a working channel during laparoscopic surgery. They are designed to minimize tissue damage and reduce the risk of complications, while providing a clear visual field for the surgeon.

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