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What Are Laparoscopic Ligation Clips? | Surgsci


Latest company news about What Are Laparoscopic Ligation Clips? | Surgsci

Disposable ligation clips are mainly used clinically in laparoscopic surgery, such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, or in surgical operations to clamp blood vessels to stop bleeding and close tubular tissues, including small and medium arteries and veins, bile ducts, etc. The role of the ligation clip is mainly to fix local tissues or ligate blood vessels during surgery. They can help with better hemostasis and wound recovery. However, disposable ligation clips are usually not suitable for large arteries and larger veins. It should be noted that disposable ligation clips cannot be used for tubal ligation.

The material selection of disposable ligation clips will pay more attention to the treatment effect and the problem of staying in the body after surgery than traditional metal titanium clips. The choice of materials fits better with the human body, and it is not easy to produce rejection reactions after surgery. It will be more stable in the patient’s body.

Due to the high stability of the disposable ligation clip, it is not easy to fall off after the operation. If other related examinations such as MRI are required afterwards, there will usually not be any special effects. If it is used in gastroscopy and other related operations, the disposable ligation clip may fall off as the local tissue heals, and it will be excreted along the digestive tract, and there is no need to take special measures to remove it.







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