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What is a Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar? | China Trocar Manufacturer-Surgsci


Latest company news about What is a Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar? | China Trocar Manufacturer-Surgsci

A trocar is a surgical instrument that penetrates the abdominal wall to provide a passage for other surgical instruments to enter the body cavity and is a minimally invasive surgical instrument. It is suitable for various minimally invasive surgical operations and laparoscopic operations. Its main function is to puncture the abdominal wall tissue of the human body during laparoscopic surgery, transport gas into the abdominal cavity, and establish a channel for the endoscope and surgical instruments to enter and exit the abdominal cavity from the outside.


There are different types of disposable trocars, such as hasson and balloon trocars; optical access trocars; bladed trocars; non-bladed, non-optiview trocars. They normally contain the following components: locking cap, piercing cannula assembly, locking seal cap assembly, locking switch, gas barrier sealing cap, insufflation valve, insufflation switch, retaining ring, one-way valve, a sealing patch, and a balloon. It has a compact structure that can be safe and effective. In clinical operations, it is easy to operate and can greatly reduce the wound area and shorten the operation time. Its use reduces bleeding and postoperative infection in patients while improving surgical quality, reducing postoperative pain, and speeding up healing. Due to the adoption of the fixing structure, the disposable trocar can be firmly fixed after being punctured into the body, and is not easy to fall off during the operation.


The disposable trocars independently developed by Surgsci mainly include:optical trocars (Endopass), bladed trocars (Quickpass), Hasson trocars (Hassonpass), bladeless trocars (Easypass), Valveless Trocars (Without Valve).


Surgsci's disposable trocars have the following advantages:

  • Double V-blade design-low damage, easy to heal
  • Full Sharp Angle Sleeve Barb Design-stable and reliable, no displacement
  • Self-Developed Seal Material-scratch-resistant and tear-resistant
  • Large Flow Gas Injection Valve Design-fast insufflation speed and stable abdominal pressure

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