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Efficient Ligasure Device For Cutting And Hemostasis SurgSci Ultrasonic Scalpel

Efficient Ligasure Device For Cutting And Hemostasis SurgSci Ultrasonic Scalpel

Ligasure Device For Hemostasis

Ultrasonic Scalpel Ligasure Device

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

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ISO9001 and ISO13485

Model Number:


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Product Details
1 Year For Energy Platform
Working Voltage:
Total Package Weight:
Shear Length:
Power Supply:
Total Carton:
2 Cartons After Packaging
Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery
Product Description

Product Description:

Advantages of 4th Generation Intelligent Ultrasonic Scalpel System

The 4th generation intelligent ultrasonic scalpel system employs an extensive array of cutting-edge technologies to produce excellent clinical outcomes. A self-made handle, special piezoelectric ceramic, and a titanium alloy structure with anti-fatigue and sound transmittance capabilities are all incorporated in the ultrasonic scalpel.

The scalpel also incorporates micro-nano structure surface treatment technology, large-scale digital circuits, and an AI artificial intelligence processor. This combination of modern technologies successfully eradicates the preexisting restrictions of older ultrasonic scalpel systems. It consequently eliminates medical errors and dramatically improves the prognosis of surgical patients.



Our G500 is a type of ultrasonic scalpel system that is compatible with the mainstream systems being used all over the world. It offers the benefit of minimizing adhesion, eschar, and smoke, thus giving an advantage of having a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical field.

What's more, the G500 system is a combination of separation, cutting and coagulation – all in one convenience, saving you precious time. It is designed to be able to close vessels or tissue within the size of 5mm with one single operation. This aids to expedite the entire process with less trauma and more efficiency.

The G500 system is developed with the aim of aiding in the cessation of bleeding during surgery. It makes the process much faster as it needs just one operation to complete it. This ensures safety and accuracy to the patient while allowing for better and longer lasting outcomes.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name Ultrasonic Scalpel System
Total Carton 2 Cartons After Packaging
Total Package Weight 11KG
Power Supply AC
Warrenty 1 Year For Energy Platform
Function Cutting and Hemostasis
Working Voltage 90-260V
Size of Carton for Generator and Transducer 48*48*30cm
Package Carton Package For Whole Set
Model Number G500
Applications Laparoscopic Surgery, Soft Tissue Cutting, Hemostasis


The Ultrasonic Scalpel System is an excellent tool for minimally invasive surgeries as it is able to simultaneously perform cutting and blood-stoppping, making the process faster and shortening recovery time.

The product is engineered to be highly versatile, working between 90 to 260 voltage with a fluctuating 10%. The system comes in one set, complete with one generator, one transducer and three scalpel handpieces that convert electrical energy into kinetic energy through high frequency vibration.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Ultrasonic Scalpel System

The product is packed in two cartons. One carton measures 65cm x 19cm x 15cm and contains the shears. The other carton measures 48cm x 48cm x 30cm and contains the generator and transducer. The total weight of both cartons is 11 kilograms. The HS code for this product is 9018909000.



Q1: What is the brand of Ultrasonic Scalpel System?
A1: The Ultrasonic Scalpel System is manufactured by SurgSci, with the model number G500, and it is made in Shenzhen, China.

Q2: What is the main function of the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?
A2: The Ultrasonic Scalpel System is primarily used for cutting and dissecting tissue, as well as coagulating and aspirating, during surgical procedures.

Q3: What are the benefits of using the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?
A3: The Ultrasonic Scalpel System offers many advantages, such as improved accuracy and precision, less tissue damage, improved visibility, and improved healing time.

Q4: What types of surgical procedures can be performed with the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?
A4: The Ultrasonic Scalpel system is suitable for many surgical procedures, such as general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, urology, gynecology, and orthopedic surgery.

Q5: How easy is it to use the Ultrasonic Scalpel System?
A5: The Ultrasonic Scalpel System is easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. The system also comes with a comprehensive user manual and training videos to help new users understand and use the system quickly and efficiently.

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