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EO Sterilized Endopass Optical Trocar Disposable Trocar With Different Lengths

EO Sterilized Endopass Optical Trocar Disposable Trocar With Different Lengths

EO Sterilized Endopass Optical Trocar

Endopass Disposable Trocar

Disposable Trocar EO Sterilization

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

Brand Name:



CE ISO13485

Model Number:


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Product Details
After-Sale Service:
Online Technical Support
2 Years
Surgical Room
EO Sterilized
Laparoscopic Surgery
Olive Shaped Handle
Product Description

Product Description:

Disposable laparoscopic trocars with visible tips are available in seven different sizes. Each size varies in diameter and length.

The diameters available are 5mm, 10mm, and 12mm with lengths of 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm. These trocars can be used during a variety of surgeries, ranging from cholecystectomy to radical prostatectomy and more.

Endopass laparoscopic trocars have proven useful in hysterectomies, bariatrics, appendectomies among other common surgeries.



Inverted Thread Sleeve Design Improves Abdominal Wall Fixation

The inverted thread sleeve design allows for an improved abdominal wall fixation compared to regular thread sleeves due to its relatively strong thread design. Its improved design allows for a better securement of the instrument which makes it easier for the surgeon to perform the surgery.

Transparent Bladeless Tip Provides Clear Images

The transparent bladeless tip used with the endoscopic instrument provides a clear and accurate image of what is being observed. This makes it easier to make a diagnosis and to perform the surgery. Furthermore, this design prevents any damage to the organ or tissue that may be observed.

Large-Flow Main Steam Valve Design Establishes Pneumoperitoneum Faster

The large-flow main steam valve design enables the faster creation of pneumoperitoneum compared to regular steam valves. Moreover, it helps maintain a stable abdominal pressure that makes it easier for the surgeon to perform the surgery. This ensures a more efficient operation with a minimized possibility of any complications.

Movable Sealing Air Valve Structure Ensures Good Airtightness

The movable sealing air valve structure is designed to provide good airtightness while the instrument is still inside the body. This advanced design prevents any air from entering the abdomen while the surgery is going on, thus guaranteeing a safe and secure operation. Furthermore, its seal is designed to be adjustable according to the size of the instrument, thus allowing for an improved performance.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Color White And Blue
Instrument Classification Class II
Usage Surgical Room
Handle Olive Shaped Handle
After-Sale Service Online Technical Support
Sterilization EO Sterilized
Length 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
Tip Sharp
Packaging Individual Pouch


SurgSci Endopass optical trocar is a single use trocar that is designed for surgical use. It is CE and ISO13485 certified, with a minimum order quantity of 1 and a range of length from 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm. It is made with an ergonomic design and the price is negotiable. It is offered with a package that includes 1 set per package, and the delivery time is 7-10 working days. The payment terms are T/T and the supply ability is up to 10,000 sets per month.

SurgSci Endopass optical trocar is perfect for surgical rooms and is compatible with other trocar and cannula systems. It is a brand name product from Shenzhen, China and is available in both OEM and ODM models. It is designed with safety and comfort in mind, making it the perfect choice for medical professionals.

The SurgSci Endopass optical trocar is a reliable and effective single use trocar that is sure to meet the needs of any medical professional. It is made from quality materials and is designed for maximum comfort and safety. It is a great choice for any medical professional, and its features make it a must-have for any surgical room.



Welcome to choose SurgSci Endopass Optical Trocar, a professional trocar and cannula for surgeons. This product is CE ISO13485 certified. Its model number is Endopass and its color is white and blue. It comes with an individual pouch and has a shelf life of 2 years. The minimum order quantity is 1 set and the price is negotiable. The delivery time is 7-10 working days. The payment terms are T/T and the supply ability is 10000 sets/month. After-sale service is provided with online technical support.

The SurgSci Endopass Optical Trocar is an essential tool for laparoscopic surgery. It is designed to provide superior comfort and safety for surgeons. It is the perfect choice for surgical trocar and laparoscopic trocar procedures. It is an innovative and professional trocar and cannula with excellent performance.


Support and Services:

Optical Trocar Technical Support and Service

Optical Trocar provides comprehensive technical support and service to ensure the highest quality of our products. Our technical support and service team is staffed with experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with the best service possible.

  • 24/7 technical support
  • On-site assistance
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Software and hardware updates
  • Warranty services

If you have any questions or need help with your Optical Trocar product, please contact us and our team will be more than happy to assist you.


Packing and Shipping:

Optical Trocar Packaging and Shipping

Optical Trocar products shall be packaged in accordance with the customer's requirement. The packaging material must be durable and non-toxic. It should protect the product from external damage during transportation.

The shipping method for Optical Trocar products depends on the customer's requirements. Common shipping methods include express delivery, air freight, sea freight, train delivery, etc. The customer can choose the most suitable shipping method according to their needs.



Q&A: Optical Trocar

Q1: What is the brand name of the Optical Trocar?
A1: The brand name is SurgSci.

Q2: What is the model number of the Optical Trocar?
A2: The model number is Endopass.

Q3: Where is the Optical Trocar manufactured?
A3: The Optical Trocar is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Q4: What certifications does the Optical Trocar have?
A4: The Optical Trocar is certified with CE and ISO13485.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity of the Optical Trocar?
A5: The minimum order quantity is one.

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