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Sterilized Package Hasson Trocar Laparoscopic Trocar for Abdominal Surgery

Sterilized Package Hasson Trocar Laparoscopic Trocar for Abdominal Surgery

Sterilized Package Hasson Trocar

Hasson Trocar for Abdominal Surgery

Cylindrical Laparoscopic Trocar

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

Brand Name:



CE and ISO13485

Model Number:

T10100H, T12100H

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Product Details
Minimally Invasive
Blunt Tip
Sterile Packaging
Surgical Room, Laparoscopic Surgery
Customer Satisfaction:
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
EO Sterilized
Product Description

Product Description:

Hasson Trocar is a single-use trocar with a blunt tip, designed to perform laparoscopy surgeries. It is a highly ergonomic product, with a lightweight and olive-shaped handle that makes it easy to use. Hasson Trocar is specifically designed to be used in the laparoscopic surgeries, to provide maximum efficiency and safety for the surgeons. The product is made with the highest quality materials, to ensure that it lasts for multiple surgeries. The Hasson Trocar is a revolutionary product for laparoscopic surgeons, as it provides an easy and safe way of performing surgeries.



To prevent cross infection from occurring, single patient use is of the utmost importance. The trocar has been made more reliable within its design, by using stainless steel needle instead of the original plastic option. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed finger grip has been created to provide an easy rotating effect during insertion and a firm holding position for users.

The pre-sharpened blunt obturator tip offered by the trocar pushes the tissue softly, avoiding any damage to the abdominal wall upon puncturing. An adjustable suture pile is found on the cannula tube, with the suture line twined and fastened, allowing the canula to settle on the abdominal wall. The trocar possesses a detachable multi-disc sealing structure and a one-way duckbill sealing valve, granting access for different sizes of instruments and maintaining the pneumoperitoneum whilst operating.


Technical Parameters:

Product Name Hasson Trocar & Cannula
Quality Top-Tier
Diameter 10/12mm
Usage Surgical Room, Laparoscopic Surgery
Shape Cylindrical
Sterilization EO Sterilized
Certificate CE And ISO13485
Color White And Blue
Weight Lightweight
Package Type 1 Set Or Kit/Package


The Disposable Laparoscopic Hasson Trocar is a combination of components, specifically an obturator and an accompanying sleeve. The sleeve itself is composed of multiple componentstoo, such as a cannula, an insufflation, a stopcock, an internal seal, and a durable universal seal.

This specific medical tool is widely used in diverse gynecologic, general, thoracic and urologic laparoscopic procedures, mainly to provide a safe entry point for laparoscopic instruments for various operations.


Support and Services:

Hasson Trocar provides technical support and services to assist customers with any product related issues. The technical support team can be contacted via email, telephone, or through our website's online chat service.  Additionally, our website provides product manuals, troubleshooting guides, and FAQs to help customers with product installation and usage. We also offer product repair services and warranty information to ensure customers have the best experience with their product.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping
Hasson Trocar is packaged in a single box containing the trocar, needle and introducer. All parts must be shipped in the same box. For safety and convenience, each box must be labeled clearly with the product name and part number. When shipping Hasson Trocar, it is recommended to use a reliable shipping company and track the package until it is received.



Q: What is Hasson Trocar?
A: Hasson Trocar is a medical device manufactured by SurgSci, designed to provide a secure portal for endoscopic instruments entering into the abdominal and thoracic cavities.
Q: What model numbers are available for Hasson Trocar?
A: The available models for Hasson Trocar are T10100H and T12100H.
Q: Where is Hasson Trocar manufactured?
A: Hasson Trocar is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.
Q: What is the diameter of the cannula for Hasson Trocar?
A: The diameter of the cannula for Hasson Trocar is 10mm or 12mm.

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