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75mm Medical Plastic Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Access Port

75mm Medical Plastic Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Access Port

Medical Plastic Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar

75mm Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar

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CE ISO13485

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Product Details
Access Port
Laparoscopic Surgery
Sterile Disposable
The Basis Of Surgical Instruments
Medical Grade Plastic
White And Blue
Product Description


Product Description:

75mm/100mm/150mm Disposable Medical Plastic Laparoscopic Trocar Access Port

Trocar access is a technique used in laparoscopic surgery to place the initial trocar. This technique allows the medical personnel to visualize each tissue layer before insertion, reducing the risk of organ injury. Additionally, this method decreases the chances of air leaking at the trocar site, even in patients that are considered obese.

Our company manufactures and sells the Endopass visible tip optical disposable laparascopic trocar, which is CE marked and maintains the ISO 13485 quality system. It is intended for a single patient use, as it is used to puncture the abdominal cavity and provide gas for the procedure.

Currently, we offer disposable laparoscopic optical trocars with visible tips in 7 sizes. These range from 5mm, 10mm, and 12mm in diameter, and 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm in length.



The unique thread-shaped surface structure is designed with inverted teeth to ensure that the sleeve is firmly fixed on the abdominal wall, and prevent sliding when the instruments enter and withdraw from the sleeve.

The non-bladed transparent tip separates tissues instead of cutting, effectively minimizing damage. The transparent conical head gives clear visual feedback when the endoscope is inserted through the obturator, avoiding unintentional insertion and organ injuries.

An easy-to-operate tunnel lock is provided to secure the endoscope from sliding, stabilizing the visualization.

Additionally, the trocar is made more reliable with stainless steel needle. This replaces the original plastic, increasing performance and lifespan.


Technical Parameters:

Product Name Property
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Color: White And Blue
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Sterilization Method: EO Gas Sterilization
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Brand: OEM/ODM
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Instrument Classification: Class II
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Shipping Method: By Air, By Sea, By Express
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar MOQ: 1000pcs
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Feature: Sterile Disposable
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Packaging: Individual Pouch
Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar Material: Medical Grade Plastic


Endopass laparoscopic trocars can be used for a wide variety of surgeries. For example, they can be utilized in cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, radical prostatectomy, radical resection of rectal carcinoma, hysterectomy, bariatric, and appendectomy.

The major advantages of using laparoscopic trocars is that they reduce the trauma to the surgical site. It also reduces the postoperative discomfort for the patient, and speeds up the recovery time. In addition, they can offer greater access for the surgeon to clear and clean the surgical site more efficiently.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar

Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar should be packaged and shipped in a manner that prevents contamination of the product, and complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

The product should be packaged in a clean, dry, and secure container. The container should be labeled with the product name, description, quantity, and expiration date.

The product should be shipped in an appropriate shipping container with the proper cushioning and protection to prevent damage during transit. The shipping container should be clearly labeled with the product name, description, quantity, and expiration date.

The product should be shipped in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those governing the transportation of hazardous materials.




Q: What is the brand name of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar?
A: The brand name of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar is Surgsci.
Q: What is the model number of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar?
A: The model number of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar is Endopass.
Q: Where is the Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar made?
A: The Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar is made in China.
Q: What certifications are available for Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar?
A: The Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar is certified by CE ISO13485.
Q: How many Disposable Laparoscopic Trocars can be ordered at a minimum?
A: The minimum order quantity for Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar is 1 set.


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